What i fear most

the same thing i love most


I don’t want to miss anything

I’ll set down my recorder in the world and walk away and take in

the cool in my sweat

my daughter’s deepest wound

traffic yawning in the distance like a seashell over a child’s ear

barking dog

laundry detergent

wood smoke on a Monday night

there you are, my people

bird chase and pink streaked skies

let fall a tear for the first star i see tonight

before all others go out

and i can’t remember anymore

and i’m too lazy to get up and write it down

that once upon a time there was a child who saw the truth like Jesus, dripping

forced to watch him die

forced to indulge the asshole with tickets to the resurrection

maybe im most afraid of never solving the riddle

never feeling good

and god help me

never wanting to

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